C. Moore

“I was extremely fortunate to have had the Cleopatra Procedure done by Dr. Murray. I’m almost 70, and really didn’t believe that such a simple procedure could give me back the orgasms I’ve missed. I thought that those would just be fond memories.
My primary reason for having the procedure was to help with my bladder leakage. I’ve been so self-conscious of the odor, and panty liners I’ve had to endure for years, even though I’ve been on medication, and under went pelvic floor therapy numerous times.
To my elation, I haven’t had to wear panty liners any more; No More Leakage! And, the added bonus, I love having Sex with my husband again! What a great surprise. I’m not too old to still enjoy it. Yay!
Thank You, Dr. Murray for your innovative and successful procedure! I love you, and my husband does too!!!”

-C. Moore


The Murray Center,
My husband got the Casanova Procedure, i got the Cleopatra Procedure and we are very pleased with the results.
My orgasims are more intense, my husband is more sensitive and stays erect longer.
We cant say enough good things about the staff and Dr. Murray, They’re fabulous!

– L.R.

A. Gregg

Dear Joelle and Roger,
I have to say, thank you so much for helping me!
My knee feels like “new” and as never used before, it is a miracle! Just after the second day from the treatment I
could feel the effect from the stem cell therapy- unbelievable:)
Again: thank you!
Have a great weekend.

– A. Gregg