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Welcome to the Casanova Clinic, Orlando's Only Sexual Performance Center specializing in treating men, woman and couples!  

The Casanova Clinic treats a wide array of sexual issues ranging from Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Hormone Imbalance, Decreased Libido, Orgasm Dysfunction, Male & Female Sexual Dysfunction and more.

Our program is designed specifically for you! The initial office visit begins with a detailed sexual and medical history, followed by a complete physical exam. After the results of these examinations are reviewed, a laboratory panel may be obtained to further determine the underlying causes of the patient's complaints.

The results of the exam and laboratory tests are then discussed and a personalized treatment plan is developed to meet your specific needs. Treatment may include prescriptions for new medication and/or alteration to current medication or dosage. Treatment often includes recommendations for devices to enhance sexual response and arousal. Sessions with our sex therapist may also be part of the treatment plan. 

Located in the Prestigous Phoencia Plaza

Casanova Clinic
7932 W. Sand Lake Rd, Ste 306
Orlando, FL 32819